Win a ChewyMoon 3 Month Subscription!

Win a ChewyMoon 3 Month Subscription!

  • Healthy, tasty & fun snacks from ChewyMoon
  • Winner gets a 3 month subscription
  • Choose from their Fruit, Variety and Bestseller boxes
  • Includes Battle Cards & Brain-busting Fact Cards!
  • Make sure your kids try the Superpower Generator!
  Ended: 10:00PM 17th April 2019


Win a 3 month ChewyMoon Snack Box Subscription!

ChewyMoon is a specialist snack box provider for children from the age of 3. They provide a revolutionary, healthy, subscription snack box to help you easily provide hugely healthy, alternative snacks and after school treats for your growing children.

You can customise each snack box with a wide range of their guilt-free snacks according to your kid’s taste and nutritional requirements. With tasty delights such as Strawberry Stars, Mango Fingers, Cola Raisins and Popped Cheddar your kids will love the variety and taste!

Your kids will love receiving their snack box, not only do they contain tasty treats but they come with a collectable Battle Card and a Brain-busting Fact Card to keep them entertained and always looking forward to their next delivery.



How does ChewyMoon work?

First, what’s your flavour? Choose from their most popular Fruit Box, Variety Box or Bestsellers Box.

Next, choose your plan from either 3, 6 or 12 months and look out for the FREE t-shirt and monthly nutritionist consultation  

Then watch your kid’s face when their tasty treats arrive!

What’s the prize?

The winner will receive a 3 month snack box subscription which includes 6 boxes of 10 snacks each and each box is delivered every 2 weeks. They will get to choose which flavour their child prefers.

Don’t forget to check out their Healthy Eating guide which provides great advice on age-appropriate nutrition and if your child is with you right now, have a go on their Superpower Generator to find out what superpower your child may possess!