What are your SchoolMates up to?





Posted on 14th May 2019 by Lon

What are your SchoolMates up to?


Remember Friends Reunited? In the 1990s Friends Reunited was extremely popular and many people’s first experience of a social network. Personally, I really liked it as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with schoolmates who I’d not seen or heard from in years. Sadly, its popularity declined with the advent of other social sites, namely Facebook, but it still had a hardcore following even when the plug was finally pulled.



Now there’s a new website called SchoolMates. This sounds familiar you may say… so what is SchoolMates? It’s a new website offering a new way for people to connect to their old school friends from primary or secondary school, through to college or university. It’s not linked in any way other than the concept but it’s likely to be called the next generation or a new version of Friends Reunited.

It does go a few steps further than the original and is designed to be the number one place for school-mates to keep in touch, to re-connect and to share memories, stories, laughs and photographs. It can be used by those who left education many years ago or for current graduates or anyone in the process of leaving school.

SchoolMates won’t rival or replace existing social sites and apps, it aims to complement them, a place to visit and re-connect with schoolmates without the need for daily interaction.

Chris Goodwin, founder of Schoolmates.co.uk commented:

“The beauty of the site is that it can be used by anyone and has appeal across all generations whether they are Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook users, the one commonality is that they went to school.

I see the site as an extension of social media, but also caters for those who don’t want to be on Facebook or Twitter but would still like to be part of the community.”

School, college or uni are a very important aspect of our lives and many of us have very fond memories of our school days. I think that many people still wish to keep in contact with their ex-school or college friends and would welcome back a site that is somewhat like Friends Reunited.

SchoolMates is run by a good, honest bunch who have launched it believing that there is still the appetite for this type of communication. It won’t be massive but it will simply fill a niche that people want…to simply reconnect with old school-mates in a good and honest way.

It’s worth checking them out, it's free to sign up and there’s a chance to win a £50 Virgin Gift Card when you register by 30th June 2019.

Click on the SchoolMates image below to sign-up and be in for a chance to WIN a £50 Virgin Gift Card.

Photo by Richard Jaimes on Unsplash