Our Story

We created PrizeDeck because we were frustrated at the way other prize draw and competition websites operate. We wanted to create a place where you can quickly sign up to become a member and can then easily and quickly enter exclusive prize draws without having to visit third party websites and enter personal details time and time again.


Other prize draw websites simply aggregate third party prize draws by linking you to other websites, you have to submit your details each and every time you enter a prize draw and you then get bombarded by marketing emails, calls or texts from companies you don’t even know!


Many of the other websites share prize draws and competitions with multiple promotional partners so it’s very difficult to know who the actual promoter is, what the terms are and who the winners are.  


At PrizeDeck we want to make entering prize draws easier, quicker and more transparent. Our prize draws & competitions will remain exclusive to us and our brand partners and this allows us to not only provide the best prizes but to also provide the best experience for our members.