Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about PrizeDeck. Feel free to contact us if you need further information.

What is PrizeDeck?

PrizeDeck is a website that provides exclusive prize draws and competitions for its members to enter. You won’t find these giveaways on any other website other than PrizeDeck. It’s also a platform for brands and retailers to reach a fast-growing consumer audience.

How do I enter the prize draws and competitions?

Once you have signed up to PrizeDeck (which takes no more than a minute!) you can enter all the prize draws and competitions that we promote on the website. Enter each one individually by clicking on the ‘Enter Now’ button for each giveaway.

Are the prize draws and competitions completely free to enter?

Yes! There is absolutely no cost to enter any of our exclusive prize draws and competitions.

Are the prizes and winners real?

Yes, we list all our winners on the website and regularly make winners’ announcements across our social media profiles. You can find winners’ testimonials on our Facebook page, Twitter and other online media.

When do the giveaways start and end?

Our prize draws and competitions start and end at different times and the end times/dates are clearly stated on each giveaway. We launch new giveaways regularly so make sure you’re up to date by visiting the website frequently and receiving our emails.

What is my referral link?

Once you are signed in to your account, visit your Profile page and you will find your referral link. When a friend, colleague or family member signs up using your unique referral link you will gain a credit.

What are credits?

You gain a credit every time a friend, colleague or family member signs up using your unique referral link. We will be running ultra-exclusive draws to members who have a certain amount of credits.

How are the winners chosen?

All our giveaways are run fairly and honestly and all entrants have a fair chance of winning. We randomly select the winner of each prize draw. For competitions (where skill or creativity is required) we use an independent third party to select the winner.

How will PrizeDeck contact me if I win?

We will contact you using the email address you used to sign up or call you if you have provided your mobile number. We make multiple attempts to contact our winners so make sure you use a valid email address (that you check!) and a mobile number to ensure we can reach you. If you are the winner of one of our social media giveaways then we will contact you via that social media platform.

If I win, can I continue entering?

Yes! There is no reason why you cannot enter more giveaways if you have already won a prize. There’s more to just winning, we’ve got some great offers and deals planned too!

How does PrizeDeck make money?

We provide brands & retailers with a platform to promote their products and services. They may sponsor the prizes, pay to be featured or partner with us to run exclusive giveaways. We also generate revenue from ads, affiliate links, surveys and downloads.

How can I help PrizeDeck grow the community?

The most important thing to PrizeDeck is our members. We value their help and contribution and the best way to help us out is to refer your friends and family, enter all our giveaways and view any third party content (ads, affiliate links, surveys, videos, etc) linked to our website. By helping us grow we can then offer more giveaways with even better prizes.

Why do brands or retailers use PrizeDeck?

They use us because they want to reach and engage with our rapidly growing member community. They may want to increase brand/product awareness, launch a new product/service, connect with consumers or gain invaluable feedback and the PrizeDeck platform and community allows them to do that.

Is PrizeDeck available only available in the UK?

Yes, you need to be a UK resident aged 18+ to sign up and enter our prize draws and competitions. We are growing and do have plans to offer our giveaways in other countries too.

Does PrizeDeck share my personal details with third parties?

We do not share nor do we resell your personal data with third parties. In the event that you are a winner then your details will be used only for the verification purposes and to fulfil your prize.

Will I receive lots of SPAM when I sign up?

Absolutely not! Because our giveaways are exclusive to us, you will only receive communication from PrizeDeck and we limit the amount of emails that we send. Our emails contain info on the latest prize draws & competitions, winners’ announcements, exclusive offers & deals and any other information that we believe is of interest to you. You can opt out from receiving emails at any time but we don’t want you to miss out on anything really good!

How can I delete my PrizeDeck account?

Log in to your PrizeDeck account using your email address and password then go to Profile and you can delete your account. All your details will then be permanently deleted.