Well worth a try - Degusta Box



Posted on 25th June 2019 by Lon

Well worth a try - Degusta Box


We had a rather large amount of entries in our recent Degusta Box giveaway which just goes to show that most of our members really wanted to win this and see what this subscription service is all about.

So what is Degusta Box? Degusta Box selects a variety of 10-15 exciting food products from the best big brands as well as smaller, independent ones. It is a subscription box so they curate a variety of products, send them to you with FREE delivery and then you get to enjoy your Degusta Box by sharing the items with your friends and family.


So what do you get exactly? You will receive a box every month which contains surprise foodie items, anything from snack bars to beer and from muesli to smoothies. Many of the products are new to the market or from brands that you may not have considered before, which is great if you love to try new things or need some variety to put in the kids lunch/snack boxes.

It’s totally random, which is fun, but the great thing is they promise that the subscription box price is much cheaper than all the items together. So for £12.99, you’re typically getting more than £25 worth of retail items which is a pretty fair deal.

Typically, this subscription is priced at £12.99 per month but there is no commitment, you can cancel at any time but in our opinion you really do need to run it for a few months to sample the wide variety of products that are available.  

So, if you love receiving a surprise box every month and trying new foodie products, then it’s definitely worth subscribing to Degusta Box and trying them out.

We’ve managed to get a deal whereby if you sign up today you will receive your first Degusta Box for just £7.99. Simply click on the link below, go for it and enjoy your totally random and surprise Degusta Box full of goodies.