Why PrizeDeck?



Posted on 18th September 2017 by Lon

Why PrizeDeck?


People have asked us why we set up PrizeDeck when there are so many other websites doing something similar.

Well, we can tell you that other websites are not doing something similar to PrizeDeck! We looked at many other websites and what we found was that basically there are two types.

The first type is a website that simply acts as a portal for other promoter’s giveaways, they find and list lots of giveaways online and bring them together on one site. When you want to enter those giveaways you are redirected to 3rd party sites where you might find a giveaway if the link still works or the giveaway is still live! So many of these links tend to fail or are out of date. If you do find valid giveaways you are asked to provide your details to enter, time and time again!  



The second type is a website which asks for your details over and over again so that they can resell the information to 3rd parties, which in turn leads to loads of unwanted communication or spam!

With PrizeDeck we exclusively run every giveaway. That’s right, all our prize draws are promoted and run by us. You will not find them on any other website. You simply sign-up once and login to enter any of our draws. We do not resell your personal information nor do we redirect you to other websites to enter a giveaway.

We want to make entering prize draws extremely easy, to avoid spam and to run our prize draws as fair and honest as possible.

In addition to great giveaways we’ll have some great offers and deals coming up as well as some really cool & fun stuff. Sign up if you haven’t already…there’s lots happening at PrizeDeck.