Win a £20 Amazon eGift Voucher

Win a £20 Amazon eGift Voucher

  • A £20 eGift Voucher to spend at
  • Go on treat yourself...or give to a loved one
  • Personally, we'd blow it on sweets or chocolate
  • How about a book?
  • It's an eGift Voucher - straight to your email inbox
  Ended: 10:00PM 30th July 2018


Win a £20 Amazon eGift Voucher!


We recently contacted our members and asked what is it that they would like to win. The majority said vouchers and more specifically, Amazon vouchers. So here you go, we listened and we're going to give away a £20 eGift Voucher which the winner can spend any which way they please on


Amazon eGift vouchers are valid for 10 years so if you win this and cannot decide what you want you can file it away and come back in 9 years and 11 months and it will still be valid. You'll be older and wiser then.

Personally we'd go for a DVD and some chocolate which always makes a wonderful night in, especially with a glass of wine...or two.

Good luck.