Win a Fingerlings™ Dragon!

Win a Fingerlings™ Dragon!

  • Interactive little dragon!
  • Responds to sound, motion and touch
  • Blinks and make funny sounds
  • Blow a kiss and it will kiss you back
  • Warm and lovely, just like a real pet!
  Ended: 10:00PM 12th October 2018


Win a Fingerlings™ Dragon!


These cute little dragons by Wow Wee respond to sound, motion and touch with blinking eyes and head turns. Makes fun dragon noises and if you blow kisses at them they kiss you right back!



See how they react by holding them upside down, rock them to sleep or make loud noises. Their movements, sounds and ever so cute blinking eyes will mean you won't want to let them go!

Suitable for ages 5+ and this is a pet you can give to somebody for Christmas.

Collectable, they have different colours in the range so it will be a surprise as to which one the winner gets, subject to availability of course. 

They also offer monkeys and unicorns ... collecting might become addictive. 

  • Responds to sound, motion and touch with blinking eyes
  • Head turns
  • Makes fun dragon noises
  • Blow kisses and she'll kiss you back!
  • Hold her upside down, rock her to sleep or make loud noises to see how she reacts!
  • Collect all of the Fingerlings and watch them sing together (Each sold separately)
  • Prize: A Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragon
  • Batteries Required: (Included)