Win a teapigs chill bundle!

Win a teapigs chill bundle!

  • teapigs - winners of more than 140 Great Taste Awards!
  • the chill bundle when you are too stressed & need to relax
  • 3 types: calm, snooze and happy
  • 15 tea temples of each type
  • These are not tea bags, they are tea temples. Worship them.
  Ended: 10:00PM 17th February 2020


Win a teapigs chill bundle!

When you’re feeling a bit stressed and need some delicious teas to help you relax, these ones are for you. Their chill bundle includes three blends to help you calm down, dream deeper and feel much better!

So, what’s in it?

calm | 15 tea temples | a relaxing blend of lemon balm, valerian and chamomile, this tea is a great compliment to an evening soak in the tub.

snooze | 15 tea temples | a yummy blend of apple, lavender and chamomile, ingredients known to help maintain a healthy sleep …ZzZ

happy | 15 tea temples |an uplifting blend of turmeric, apple and lemon balm. 


teapigs started in November 2006 by Nick and Louise and with one mission – to get the nation drinking real tea again. Proper, quality tea and not the mass produced variety.

They met whilst working for one of the really big tea companies, where they learned all about tea and naturally drank lots of it. The more they learned, the more they drank and the more they came to realise something: that there's a whole world of quality teas out there that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve.

In those days, things looked a little different. Facebook and other social media didn’t exist, #tags weren’t a thing, people met without apps, great things were happening in coffee and not-so-great things were happening in tea.

Even though we are a nation of tea drinkers, quality tea was hard to come by unless you went somewhere fancy. Like the great tea rooms at the Ritz or Savoy. They wanted to change all that and make great quality tea accessible to everybody… and a bit more fun! And so teapigs was born.

Today, they’ve gone international with offices in London and New York, and a headcount of around 40. We love their teas, we have them at the office and in our homes…these guys get the full PrizeDeck endorsement.

Images courtesy of teapigs and for further information please take a moment out of your busy busy lives and visit their website, thanks!