Win a Chocolate Brownie Grand Slab! 500g of Pleasure!

Win a Chocolate Brownie Grand Slab! 500g of Pleasure!

  • A swirl of salted caramel v pecan
  • A 500g slab of chocolate heaven
  • A Hotel Chocolat masterpiece at £16.00
  • Can it be consumed in one day?
  • Get the gang together - there's enough for everybody!
  Ended: 10:00PM 18th April 2018


Win a Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Brownie Grand Slab!


This is one big slab of delicious chocolate and at 500g there's probably enough for you, your family and your mates.

What is it? Well, as quoted by Hotel Chocolat:

"A swirling masterpiece that depicts a battle between salted caramel brownie versus pecan. Smooth roasted pecans melt into creamy caramel with a pinch of natural Guérande salt from Southern Brittany. Inspired by the fluid shape of molten chocolate cooled on a marble chocolatier’s table, they’re sketched by our in-house artist before being translated into chocolate. We like to think of them as edible works of art."



The winner gets this gorgeous slab delivered to their door and they can then decide to either keep it quiet or tell their loved one that there's a slab of Hotel Chocolat's finest in some cool dark place.