Win a VonShef Crepe Maker!

Win a VonShef Crepe Maker!

  • Effortlessly make perfect crepes and pancakes
  • Large 32cm non-stick plate with even heating element
  • 1000W power with variable temperature dial control
  • Comes with crepe making cooking accessories
  • Not just for Pancake Day...this can be a weekly treat!
  Ended: 10:00PM 17th October 2018


Win a VonShef Crepe Maker!


Enjoy perfectly turned out crepes and pancakes every time with the VonShef 1000W Crepe Maker.

Crepes & Pancakes

Crepes and pancakes make a tasty and filling snack any time of the day and this ideal appliance means you can rustle one up whenever the fancy takes you. Try breakfast crepes with fresh fruit, honey and yogurt, or how about American-style maple syrup pancakes topped with an egg and a rasher of bacon?! The options are endless!



The VonShef Crepe Maker is your guarantee of a great pancake whenever you want one - simply make up your batter, spark up the hotplate and you’re ready to go!

Ready In Minutes

Heats up evenly in minutes thanks to its powerful 1000W heating element, while the variable temperature control dial lets you set the heat output to your preference.

Easy To Clean

Clean up couldn't be easier; non-stick cooking plate wipes clean without the need for harsh or abrasive chemicals. Just wipe with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next batch!

Comes with a range of accessories to make life even easier.


  • 1 x Batter Spreader
  • 1 x Oil Brush
  • 1 x Wooden Spatula
  • 1 x Ladle

Pancake mix and ingredients not included. Come on, what more do you want? Want us to come round too and prepare them for you?

This product is available from DOMU who provide great products at affordable prices – click here to view and buy some amazing products. Images courtesy of DOMU and their brand, VonShef.