Win the Bucket of Doom Adult Party Game!

Win the Bucket of Doom Adult Party Game!

  • Strictly not for kids!
  • For daredevils and death-dodgers
  • How would you escape from these crazy scenarios?
  • Tell your stories, vote for a favourite
  • It's all rather dark...but jolly good fun
  Ended: 10:00PM 10th August 2018


Win the Bucket of Doom Party Game!


We’ve brought you Ticket to Ride, Exploding Kittens and Magic Maze games and now it’s time for this ultimate in nonsense – the Bucket of Doom death-defying party game!

Ever wondered how you’d escape from a pack of bloodthirsty vegans, with only a pack of crayons, a Kinder Egg and a pair of nipple tassels to help you? Well the creators of this masterpiece have and turned it into a delightfully dark adult party game that’ll prepare you for all sorts of doomsday scenarios.


So, for anyone who has a passion for adult party games like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens, a penchant for storytelling or just a bit of a death wish, this is the party game for you. From human centipedes to evil dictators, irate lobsters to runaway sperm – this adult game is like Pandora’s box (except it comes in a beautiful Bucket).

Bucket of Doom: Death Defying Party Game

How do you play?

  • Start by reading out a Doom Card – this is going to describe your perilous scenario for the round.
  • Each player is handed out five useless object cards.
  • One by one, players must choose one of their object cards and tell everyone the story of how they used that one object to make their getaway.
  • Once everyone’s told their story, players vote for their favourite.
  • The player with the most votes wins the round and takes the Doom Card.
  • The first player to collect three Doom Cards – wins!

“One of those great adult party games, ideal for all occasions except funerals.”

“The progress for adult games has grown a million miles from where it started and we must thank Bucket of Doom for carrying it even further.”

“Grab a copy before the Daily Mail finds out”

Available from great toys and games stores .. or simply try and win it on that lovely website called PrizeDeck