Win a Hot Chilli Sauce Sampler!

Win a Hot Chilli Sauce Sampler!

  • 7 chilli sauces to sample
  • Internationally inspired from Mexico to India
  • From mild garlic herb to hot ghost pepper chilli
  • Perfectly packaged and makes a great gift
  • Challenge your colleagues to the 'hot chilli sauce' test!
  Ended: 10:00PM 22nd July 2019


Win a Hot Chilli Sauce Sampler Gift Set!

From The Good Hurt Fuego these seven internationally-inspired chilli sauces are artfully packaged in a dynamite-shaped bundle for the hot sauce addict in your life. The heat level varies from mild Garlic Herb to the blazing hot Ghost Pepper! Pair each sauce with a different food to unlock subtle flavours while discovering tantalizing new combinations. Variety is truly the spice of life!



WARNING! – This stuff can be hot… proceed with caution!

Flavours include:

  • Cayenne Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Garlic Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Garlic Herb Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Ghost Pepper Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Chipotle Pepper Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Smokey Bourbon Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)
  • Whiskey Habanero Chilli Sauce (3oz/ 90ml)

That’s 7 different flavours of chilli sauce - Experience different flavour combinations and spice levels. Perfect for a true fan of chilli sauces.

Ranging from mild to blazing hot - Garlic herb is mild enough for those who just want a little bit of a kick. Ghost Pepper is a challenge for even the bravest chilli sauce lovers and should really come with a health and safety warning.

Perfectly packaged - Shaped like dynamite, this collection of hot sauces is the bombtastic! Serves as kitchen decor or a great table piece.

Internationally inspired - Take your tastebuds on a journey, from the rustic flavours of Mexican chipotle pepper to the legendary spice of the Indian Ghost Pepper, right from the comfort of your kitchen table!

It does make a great gift - A beautiful and unique gift for men and women with hot tastes or ‘how hot do you go’ challenges with work colleagues!