Win a set of Artisan Hot Chocolate Spoons!

Win a set of Artisan Hot Chocolate Spoons!

  • Discover the exquisite taste of Struben
  • 6 premium chocolate flavours
  • The very best hot chocolate drinks
  • Dark & Milk quality chocolate
  • The best way to indulge your hot chocolate desires
  Ended: 10:00PM 16th January 2019


Win a set of Artisan Hot Chocolate Spoons!


If you’re as passionate about exquisite and unique tasting chocolate as we are, then become a Struben lover. Discover the exquisite tastes of Struben with their couverture premium chocolate.

A great variety of real flavours, this luxury hot chocolate gift set contains premium milk and dark hot chocolate on spoons, ideal for stirring and making a delicious mug of hot chocolate!


Struben Couverture Chocolate products don't contain palm oil or other inferior substitutes, only 100% natural cocoa butter. Couverture chocolate is a very high quality chocolate that contains extra natural cocoa butter in exchange of sugar. The higher percentage of cocoa butter gives Struben chocolate more sheen, easy melting, and a creamy mellow flavour.

Their artisan collection of chocolate spoons is perhaps the most decadent way to concoct your hot chocolate.

This set contains 6 different hot chocolate sticks (each 50 grams) for a lovely rich taste:

  • Dark 70
  • Extra Dark 80
  • Origin Milk
  • Cafe Noir
  • Milk Hazelnut
  • Milk Caramel


Images courtesy of Struben and their quality chocolate products can be seen here.