Win a Collection of Hot Sauces from World of Zing!

Win a Collection of Hot Sauces from World of Zing!

  • 5 great hot sauces for you to try
  • Spice up your cooking & bring some real Zing to your food
  • Created by World of Zing’s 'flavour guru' Pritesh Mody
  • 5 x 250ml Bottles of Sauce
  • Not for the faint hearted!
  Ended: 10:00PM 16th September 2019


Win a Hot Sauce Collection from World of Zing!

‘Flavour Guru’ Pritesh Mody would like us to banish the bland and bring some much needed zing to your dishes with the World of Zing Hot Sauce Collection.



World of Zing creates and curates the most exciting food and drink products and has been mentioned in some very influential media including London’s Evening Standard, Esquire and The Telegraph.

Channel 4 Sunday Brunch regular Pritesh Mody has created this five-strong range which offers exciting new ingredient combinations and spicy twists on condiment classics, all produced using a range of rare and interesting chilli varieties.

You too can now turn the ordinary into something extraordinary with these sauces – from Zinging up a stir-fry, to giving your fried eggs a kick or adding a sizzling burst of flavour to your BBQ, each collection is comprised of:

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Naga Chilli Piri Piri Ketchup - A hot and citrussy ketchup which can be more or less slapped on everything! It’s the ultimate accompaniment to burgers and fries.

Pasilla & Chipotle Chilli BBQ Sauce – This is a rich, smoky sauce with subtle fruity notes of Pasilla chillies. It can be served as a side to wings, ribs and meats or mix with honey for a speedy BBQ marinade.

Pineapple & Habanero Chilli Table Sauce - This is hot – just how you like it! A fiery, fruity hot sauce and great for zinging up your barbecued dishes, salads and marinades. Serve with grilled or BBQ'd chicken, pork or fish, fresh seafood, chargrilled vegetables.

Jalapeńo, Apple & Cucumber Table Sauce - Add a vibrant tangy flavour lift to dishes, salsas and dressings with this bright and fresh tasting green jalapeńo chilli sauce. You can try it in everything from nachos and tacos to Bloody Mary cocktails.

Five-Chilli Oil - Live a little with a blend of chocolate habanero, pasilla, chipotle, birds eye and naga chillies. It makes for a hot, smoky, fruity chilli oil that’s great served up with all manner of dishes from pizza and flatbreads to noodles, fried eggs and avocados...

The Collection contains: 5x250ml Bottles of Sauce

Best Before: Minimum 6 months from date of purchase.

Images courtesy of World of Zing who’s full range of products can be seen here.