Win a Jelly Belly Gift Box - a whopping 50 flavours!

Win a Jelly Belly Gift Box - a whopping 50 flavours!

  • The original and the best
  • 50 different flavours
  • 600g of Jelly Belly delight
  • Perfect for movie night and kids parties
  • Definitely for sharing!
  Ended: 10:00PM 10th June 2019


Win a Jelly Belly Gift Box!


This is the Gift Box that includes 50 different flavours from the original Jelly Belly selection. Perfect for sharing with friends on movie nights, ideal for children's parties or taking to work and sharing with your colleagues. Work? Yep, they'll love you for it ... brownie points, promotion and pay rise should be expected.


Blueberry, Kiwi, Liquorice, Chilli Mango, Pina Colada ... all those delicious flavours in one large sharing tray. 600g of pleasure.

There are many brands of jelly beans out there and in our opinion, Jelly Belly® the original gourmet jelly bean, is the best of the bunch. How do you know your Jelly Belly are the best from the rest?

First off, look for the logo on the package. This may seem obvious but Jelly Belly HQ receives letters every day from people who have ‘bean’ conned into thinking they've purchased Jelly Belly, only to be disappointed by the quality and the taste of the beans they've purchased.

Let’s take a close look …

Jelly Belly jelly beans are highly polished and perfectly shaped. They are created in a vast array of absolutely stunning bright colours and over 100 amazingly true-to life flavours. This Gift Box gives you 50, that’s a good start to explore the huge variety on offer.

Next - and here's the important bit so please pay attention - on each and every jelly bean, you will see the name Jelly Belly inscribed. You'll have to look extra hard at the white beans like Coconut and Vanilla because the writing is in white - but it's definitely there. This inscription is your guarantee that you have the original gourmet Jelly Belly jelly bean and the most sought after jelly bean on the planet.

Jelly Belly do a fantastic range of sweet gifts, hampers, trays, dispensers and even lip balms and car air fresheners! Click here to view the full range but do be careful, these can be addictive.