Win a Lindt Selection Chocolate Box!

Win a Lindt Selection Chocolate Box!

  • Box of 40 assorted exquisite Lindt pralines
  • Selection of continental milk, dark and white chocolates
  • Made from the best quality cocoa and finest ingredients
  • Suitable for all occasions.
  • Perfect for you or your special friend
  Ended: 10:00PM 28th September 2020


Win a Lindt Selection Chocolate Box!

Win a Lindt Selection Box of 40 assorted exquisite Lindt pralines! A delightful selection of continental milk, dark and white chocolates, perfect for any occasion.



Each masterpiece is created by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers with special care and attention and each chocolate is crafted with passion, made from the best quality cocoa and finest ingredients.

The selection makes an indulgent chocolate gift for loved ones and suits all kinds of special occasions. The question is do you indulge yourself or bring them out and share with your guests or colleagues?


Lindt’s special process for roasting and grinding cocoa beans is all done in-house and is essential to the rich taste and velvety texture of Lindt chocolate. After selecting and blending high-quality cocoa beans, they roast the cocoa nibs to bring out their aroma and flavours and then grind them to a uniquely fine finish.

Box contains: 2 Milk Cripsy Almond Pyramid, 4 Dark Hazelnut Cluster, 2 Almond Praline and Cocoa Nibs, 6 Hazelnut Praline Heart, 4 White Hazelnut Praline, 2 Dark Cofee Intense, 8 Smooth Melting LINDOR, 2 Dark Wafer Pyramid, 4 Milk Chocolate Meringue, 2 Milk Caramel, 2 Dark Hazelnut and Orange, 2 Dark Hazelnut Praline

Box Contains 

Each order comes with 1 x 445g Lindt Chocolate Selection

  • Crispy Almond Pyramid
    Delicious Almond Praline with crispy wafer in a milk chocolate Pyramid. 
  • Dark Hazelnut Cluster
    Nutty praline centre covered in fine dark chocolate & nut pieces. 
  • Almond Praline & Cocoa Nibs
    Milk and white chocolate drop with an Almond & Cocoa Nibs Praline centre. 
  • Hazelnut Praline Heart
    Soft Hazelnut Praline Heart covered in sumptuous milk chocolate. 
  • White Hazelnut Praline
    Smooth Praline with roasted nuts wrapped in fine White Chocolate.
  • Dark Cofee Intense
    Exquisite extra fine Dark Chocolate infused with subtle notes of Coffee.
  • Smooth Melting LINDOR
    Smooth Melting Lindor centre covered in fine milk chocolate.
  • Dark Wafer Pyramid
    Truffle with crispy Wafer pieces inside a rich Dark Chocolate Pyramid. 
  • Milk Chocolate Meringue
    Praline & cripsy Meringue centre encased in a Milk Chocolate swirl.
  • Luscious Velvety Caramel
    Velvety Caramel centre in a smooth chocolate shell.
  • Dark Hazelnut & Orange
    Orange praline wrapped in fine Dark Chocolate with crunchy Hazelnut pieces.
  • Dark Hazelnut Praline
    Hazelnut Praline covered in fine Dark Chocolate.

Images courtesy of the great chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli