Win a Set of Whisky Stones!

Win a Set of Whisky Stones!

  • Cool your drink without diluting
  • Enjoy your whisky on the rocks, literally!
  • 9 totally reusable rocks
  • Keep them in the freezer and ready for your next dram
  Ended: 10:00PM 23rd February 2018






Win a set of Whisky Stones worth £15 from Laithwaites!


This set of Whisky Stones is perfect for chilling your whisky or any other drink without diluting the robust flavours. Simply store the stones in the freezer and add them to your drink when you want a chilled spirit without the dilution.

A minimum of 6 stones in the set, they take up very little room in the freezer and can be used again and again. An ideal gift for those that enjoy a chilled tipple without the need for ice.

They come in a handy little bag/pouch which enables you to easily store them in the freezer.




As always ladies and gentlemen, drink responsibly.

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