Win a selection of hot chilli sauces - Extreme!

Win a selection of hot chilli sauces - Extreme!

  • 6 super hot chilli sauces
  • Mild to extreme sauces for chilliheads.
  • Quality, Heat & Amazing Flavour
  • An alternative to pot-holing inside Mount Etna
  • Magma Flow, Twin Peaks, Wild Fire, Jalapeňo, Smokin' Chipotle & Volcanic Eruption Hot Sauces
  Ended: 10:00PM 5th January 2024


Win a Spice Seekers Chilli Lovers Sauce Selection!


There’s hot, very hot and then there’s Spice Seekers Chilli Sauces. Be brave, very brave if you want to win this one.



An ultra hot selection of 6 bottles of chilli, enough to keep even the hottest chilli addict satisfied for quite some time.


Product Description

Dr. Burnörium says: My Psycho Juice Mini Four Packs are a great gift for the serious chillihead. Quality, heat, amazing flavour, they’ve got the lot. As with all my Psycho products only the best will do. I sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.



  • Magma Flow Hot Sauce
  • Twin Peaks Hot Sauce
  • Wild Fire Hot Sauce
  • Jalapeňo Hot Sauce
  • Smokin' Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Volcanic Eruption

Each bottle is 55ml in volume.

Directions (what, to the inside of a volcano?)

  • Apply liberally to all food
  • You may experience pain
  • This is normal and facilitates the release of endorphins from within your brain
  • If pain symptoms persist do not lower your dosage
  • Just stop your whining and take your medicine


PrizeDeck will not be held responsible for any pain, tears, extreme heat or other natural side effects that occur when eating chilli or hot pepper. We’d like to see vids though.