Win a Velaze 8-Piece Knife Block Set!

Win a Velaze 8-Piece Knife Block Set!

  • Stylish 8-piece knife block set from Velaze
  • Scissors, paring, utility, chopper, chef & bread knives
  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomic, easy-grasping, slip resistant handles
  • Plus knife sharpener & spinning block
  Ended: 10:00PM 1st June 2020


Win a Velaze 8-Piece Knife Block Set! 

This 8-piece set from Velaze comes with a pair of scissors, 8.5cm  paring knife, 12.5cm utility knife, 16.5cm chopper knife, 20cm chef knife, 20cm bread knife, 20cm knife sharpener and a spinning block. This set will make your food preparation and cooking more enjoyable.



  • Slice, dice, cut, chop, carve and sharpen with the stylish 8 piece knife set - easily cut through meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, bread and more.
  • Sharp, high grade stainless steel blades for clean slicing and cutting with ergonomically designed handles for comfortable use.

The knives, housed in an attractive spining acrylic stand will add flare to your kitchen. The blades are stainless steel for strength and durability with stainless steel colour handles.  Fine-edge sharpening – offering deft, clean, precision cutting. 

Display stand offers safe storage – with the blades being protected within each designated space in an attractive fanned design.

With ergonomically designed handles, these knives offers a smooth and comfortable grip.

Stylish Knife Set

Tackle all kinds of kitchen cooking prep with this multi-use knife set. Each knife has its own unique purpose and is easily identifiable by its individual colour. 

The full set includes:

  • 20cm Bread Knife - serrated to cut through soft bread without crushing
  • 20cm Chopper Knife - with a broad and heavy blade, this all-purpose knife is ideal for day to day chopping
  • 20cm Chef Knife - large yet narrow, use to slice thin cuts of meat like poultry, roasts, hams and other large joints
  • 12.5cm Utility Knife – slimmer and lighter than a chef’s knife, the blade is ideal for cutting smaller vegetables like carrots, spring onions and chives
  • 8.5 Paring Knife - small with a plain edge blade, the knife is ideal for peeling, de-veining or skinning
  • Pair of kitchen scissors
  • Sharpening steel
  • Acrylic spinning stand

Chop & Change

Smartly displayed in an acrylic knife holder, this set will look perfectly at home on your kitchen countertop.