Win a VonShef Ice Cream Maker!

Win a VonShef Ice Cream Maker!

  • Make delicious home made ice cream
  • Makes ice cream or frozen yoghurt in 20-40 minutes
  • Any flavour you like, we fancy Chilli Chocolate Cognac!
  • Your ice cream can be natural and organic
  • 2L capacity for making decent sized batches
  Ended: 10:00PM 13th May 2019


Win a VonShef Ice Cream Maker!

We absolutely love these VonShef products and this one is guaranteed to make the warm weather even better. Treat the whole family to some delicious homemade ice-cream with this clever VonShef Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker. User-friendly, simply add your mixture and ingredients, select your settings and let the machine do the rest. The mixture will expand during freezing, so we recommend filling the bowl with 500-750ml otherwise things might get a tad messy.


Soft Scoop Style

It features a strong mixing paddle and reversible motor to deliver a smooth, soft consistency.

The inner bowl is double-walled for added insulation, ensuring optimum performance during the freezing process. It is also completely removable from the rest of the unit for easy serving and cleaning.

The large open chute allows you to add ingredients at any stage of the process. Whether it’s nuts, fruit or chocolate, it’ll be delicately folded into the mix with the paddle arm.

Modern Design

The sleek cylindrical stainless steel design makes this a modern addition to any kitchen countertop and remains compact enough to easily store in a cupboard.

The large 2L capacity is plenty big enough for serving dessert at a dinner party or for storing in the freezer to enjoy as a treat whenever you like.

What will your first creation be? Frozen yoghurt, sorbet, or your very own signature ice cream? We fancy chilli chocolate! Images courtesy of VonShef.

For the full range of VonShef products why not check out their website today and get some much needed kitchen appliances!