More than 130 winners since launch!



Posted on 25th June 2018 by Lon

More than 130 winners since launch!


More than 130 prizes since we launched in 2017!

We launched PrizeDeck in the autumn of 2017 and since then we have given away more than 130 prizes to our lucky winners! In a few instances, some winners have been lucky more than once (yes you, Mr Mellish of South Yorkshire!).

Our winners are located throughout the UK but we have noticed that a high proportion are located in either the south west of England or Wales…they seem to be the luckiest members.



Featuring prizes from some of the UK’s best brands as well as independent start-ups, we’re keen to feature products from a wide variety of brands, advertisers and retailers. We prefer to give away actual products as opposed to cash as it’s so much nicer to receive a prize by post rather than a cash amount in your Paypal account!

Some brands really know how to box and package their products too which makes receiving a prize so much better. We are going to drop a name here, one that provides stand-out presentation, and that’s Whittard’s of Chelsea. Anything delivered from these guys is beautifully presented!

We’ve run a few exclusives too so we’d like to thank the following brands for sponsoring the prizes and really helping us on our journey:

  • King of Shaves
  • Gousto
  • Pasta Evangelists
  • My Geek Box
  • Keep Calm-o-Matic
  • Stay In A Pub
  • Naked Marshmallow

If you work for or represent a brand, retailer or advertiser and would love to be introduced to our audience then please let us know!

As for our members, visit our website often, keep entering and hopefully you’ll be lucky too!

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash