World Cup Giveaways



Posted on 25th June 2018 by Lon

World Cup Giveaways


As I write, Harry Kane has already banged in 5 goals in just two games during World Cup 2018 which means that Autotrader are giving out quite a few cars in their World Cup promotion! That’s right, Autotrader are being rather generous and giving away a prize of a brand new car each and every time England score a goal! I guess they were banking on England having a couple of 1-0 wins but no, 6-1 in the last match and that’s 6 cars being given away.



You can enter the prize draw during every England match as follows:

  • On the website at
  • On Twitter: tweet #AutoTraderGoals after each England goal scored
  • On Facebook: visit AutoTrader’s Facebook page and comment under the promotional posts with the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals
  • On Instagram: comment under the promotional posts

As always read the promotional rules but this one it too good to miss, even if you don’t like football!

So many brands are running promotional giveaways during the World Cup 2018 but it’s only the authorised sponsors who can run promotions using the official term FIFA World Cup, brands like Gazprom, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways and Wanda.

Other brands can still run their own promotions and there are so many happening across social media right now.

Check out beer Warsteiner’s Twitter account for example. They are giving away a free case of beer for the correct result prediction for every match. Simply tweet your prediction in advance of the game’s kick-off and you will be entered into the draw. I don’t think anybody predicted 6-1 for England v Panama so where Warsteiner saved themselves a case of beer, AutoTrader gave away a few too many cars!

Enjoy the football & good luck!


Photo by Vienna Reyes on Unsplash