Are the winners real?



Posted on 30th November 2017 by Lon

Are the winners real?


Are the winners real? Does anybody actually win? These are questions that are always asked by entrants to any prize draw, competition or giveaway and one that prize draw promotors must address.

At PrizeDeck we list and announce every winner, on our website here and where possible across our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).

The minimum announcement includes the name and county of the winner and in many instances we also tag or mention the winners on our social channels.

There are so many prize draws that can be entered at any time and it's always very difficult to keep track of what you have entered, when it ended and of course, who actually won! With PrizeDeck it's easy, you can check exactly what you have entered and who the winners are. And yes, all our winners are real people!

Many brands, advertisers and promotors simply fail to list their winners and this is something we definitely don't agree with. Especially when they suggest that winners details will be provided upon request, in writing or by sending them a letter to obtain the details! Why? 

Rest assured, all our winners are genuine people. We list them, announce them and positively encourage them to share their luck! Most of our winners are so surprised to have won and it goes to show that anybody can just need to enter!