Ads and Adblocking



Posted on 06th December 2017 by Lon

Ads and Adblocking


PrizeDeck runs exclusive prize draws and giveaways…entirely for free. You probably know that already because you’ve been a die-hard member entering our giveaways every week or you have been lucky enough to win!

To maintain the quality of our website, to run exclusive prize draws & giveaways and all entirely for free is only possible by displaying Ads, affiliate links and working closely with our promotional brand partners who (sometimes!) sponsor the prizes.

In a sense, Ads are a necessary evil and we rely on them to be displayed throughout our giveaways. It’s what keeps the lights on at PrizeDeck Towers! However, we do not use overly obtrusive adverts (like pop-ups or pop-unders) and none that would adversely affect our members’ experience of entering our giveaways.



PrizeDeck is a well-run, user-friendly and well behaved website that relies on bringing in revenue from Ads to do what we do best, bringing our members free and exclusive giveaways which have prizes from leading brands & retailers. Remember, this is the way we fund our prizes as we do not collect data to sell to third parties who then send you unwanted emails or other communication.  

Some members choose to install ad-blockers on their devices and this does not help us to deliver our leading giveaways, provide a good honest service and help us grow the PrizeDeck community. In a way these members are denying other members from us having more prizes on the website.

If you are using an ad-blocker, please be fair and add to the whitelist (websites allowed to show ads).

DoNotTrackMe is a browser extension which stops websites from tracking your activity so that they cannot gather data profiles. This also stops the Ads from appearing on PrizeDeck and again limits the funds which are used to run our giveaways! Your activity is only tracked so that we can display relevant content and therefore Ads. Once again, you can whitelist PrizeDeck by clicking on the DoNotTrackMe icon (usually found on the top right in Firefox and Chrome) and clicking the switch labelled “Do not track my browsing here” so it changes from a tick to a cross.

This will help us maintain the site, keep the giveaways running and make more winners out of our members! 

Put it this way, imagine walking through Piccadilly Circus or Times Square and all the billboards have been switched off.