Brands we Love - Vitamin Coffee



Posted on 10th May 2018 by Lon

Brands we Love - Vitamin Coffee


At PrizeDeck we like to support British brands and in particular, those we believe make great products and who are really out there to make a difference. We had been looking for a suitable brand to complement our #CoffeeTuesday giveaway (chance to win free coffee!) and by chance, came across Vitamin Coffee.

Vitamin Coffee provide fresh coffee that’s full of vitamins. That's right, you can get all the essential vitamins and minerals you need by simply drinking your morning coffee without compromising its flavour.

With Vitamin Coffee you get to choose your preferred coffee blend (Medium or Dark) and then choose a vitamin blend:

Complete - a well rounded multivitamin used as the base for all blends
Defence - higher in vitamin C and D to support your immune system

Energy - with added caffeine and vitamin B complex



All their coffee is sustainably sourced and freshly roasted in the UK by a team of experts. You can expect freshness in every cup and they roast regularly, only grind the coffee to order to ensure maximum flavour.

Although Vitamin Coffee will taste great for up to 6 months, their aim is for every cup to be consumed no more than 3 weeks after roasting. This is why each bag comes with 14 freshly grounds servings for ultimate taste and freshness and free delivery.

You can purchase a one-off 14 day supply or if you really love your coffee like we do, opt for a subscription.

You will need ground coffee brewing equipment to make this such as cafetiere, drip filter, aeropress or espresso machine but it’s well worth it.

Each bag contains 210g of ground coffee which is 14 daily servings. Each serving provides at least 100% of your daily requirement of 14 different vitamins and minerals.

For further information about Vitamin Coffee please click here.