GDPR preparation & Cookie Consent



Posted on 31st May 2018 by Lon

GDPR preparation & Cookie Consent


Our GDPR prep is finally over…or is it? We spent a considerable amount of time to ensure that and how we operate complies with the new regulations but we’re still keeping an eye on things. We’ve updated our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and have clearly explained how and why we collect and process your data.

As you know, GDPR is all about consumers giving their consent to specific marketing activity and giving them control as to how their data may be collected and processed.



Much of the advertising revenue that we make does rely on third party advertising companies using cookies to make ads more relevant to the people that view them. For example, if you visit lots of travel websites (summer’s coming, you need to book your hols!) then ads related to travel websites tend to appear. They are more relevant to the viewer and this generally makes for a better viewing experience when our members visit

Thanks to everyone who has provided their consent so far. We hope you continue to consent to such cookies as this helps us fund the prizes and keep the lights on!

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash