The Top Brands & Prizes on PrizeDeck





Posted on 21st February 2018 by Lon

The Top Brands & Prizes on PrizeDeck


We feature prizes from a lot of different brands on PrizeDeck and try to cover a variety of prizes from health & beauty, fashion, accessories, food & drink and gadgets every month.

You may have noticed that we feature some brands or types of prizemore than others. That’s not necessarily because we favour them but because you, our members, enter those giveaways far more than the others. Their popularity means that we feature them again, because that’s what you want to win!



Looking back at the last 2 months we have compiled a list of the top 5 giveaways by number of entrants, these are the results:


5th Place: Lush Bath Bomb Surprise                         

4th Place: Benefit Cosmetics Date Night with Mr Right

3rd Place: Missguided Banging Bath Time Gift Set      

2nd Place: My Geek Box mystery box                       

1st Place: Skullcandy Headphone                             


Surprised? Well, when you look at the prizes you will see that My Geek Box and Skullcandy would appeal more to both sexes, therefore attracting a higher amount of entries. 

Saying that, we had a rather large number of entries from guys who wanted to win the Missguided Banging Bath Time set, we wonder why. Probably trying to score a few Brownie Points before the Champion’s League knockout stage commenced! We know your game fellas!