Which giveaways can you trust?



Posted on 08th January 2018 by Lon

Which giveaways can you trust?


With so many brands, advertisers and websites promoting giveaways, who can you trust?

Brands, advertisers and retailers are running hundreds, if not thousands, of giveaways in the UK every week which makes it extremely attractive for compers who are looking to enter as many as possible for a chance to win. However, which ones can you actually trust?



Most are legitimate and it’s quite easy to spot which ones are genuine and which ones are well, fake. Knowing what it takes to run successful promotions and giveaways that comply with the UK’s CAP Code takes some time and this puts us in a prime position to evaluate promoters who are less than fair with their giveaways.

We see so many on social media which carry all the tell-tale signs of being far from genuine. Can you spot them too?

Our 3 tips are:

Always check who the promoter is – they should provide their full name, address and contact details.

If they regularly run giveaways, check if they list their previous winners – avoid those that state terms like ‘winners details can be provided on request by writing to the promoter within 28 days of the giveaway end date’!  

Make sure they have a terms and conditions page which details the exact terms of any giveaway. It’s surprising how many giveaways fail to state any terms of entry or terms which are rather ambiguous.

We’re not asking you to study the CAP code in detail, just be wary that not all giveaways and promoters are genuine! Even small brands, bloggers and social media accounts that run giveaways have to respect the CAP code, otherwise they are operating in breach of any promotional regulations… and are possibly taking your personal details illegitimately.

Many compers use third party websites to find giveaways and in our experience, we would not hesitate to recommend both Loquax and Competition Database as trusted source for UK prize draws and competitions. We list our giveaways on these sites too and would like to thank them for their support.

We’ve mentioned Di Coke before who writes the Super Lucky Competition Blog and here she lists UK competition websites that you can trust and those which simply are a waste of time and worth avoiding! Well worth a read!