Review time – we almost won on BOTB!





Posted on 01st November 2018 by Lon

Review time – we almost won on BOTB!


BOTB have been running their competitions for a chance to win a car for almost 20 years now, originally operating at UK airports where tickets were priced at £25 each! The prizes were luxury or performance cars such as a Porsche, Aston Martin or Ferrari, so high value cars worthy of the ticket price.

Today you have a choice of which car you would like to win from more than 180 different models, anything from a Mini to a Bentley Continental and with ticket prices from less than £1.00 and up to £7.70. So, if you decide to play to win a Mini Cooper S it will cost you £1.00 a ticket, opt for the Bentley Continental and it will cost you £7.70 per ticket. You do get a discount if you buy 5 or more tickets. This is great because it lets you play depending on your budget and it can also be cheaper than a lottery ticket. You can check out all the fantastic cars here.



So how does it work? Firstly, you need to register but it’s free to do so. Once registered, browse the list of dream cars, select which car(s) you want to play for and the number of tickets you wish to purchase. Then it’s time to play ‘Spot The Ball’ by using your skill and judgement to decide where you think the centre of the ball is. For each ticket purchased you get an entry into the weekly competition which runs from Monday to Sunday (midnight to midnight).


You can actually spend ages trying to decide where you think the winning coordinate will be. We get the kids involved, they love choosing the car (Merc Viano Marco Polo!) and enjoy using their judgement to ‘win a car for daddy’!



Once the competition ends the judges, who are a panel of sporting experts, then decide where they think the centre of the ball is. The closest entrant to the judges’ position is the winner and wins their dream car.  There's a guaranteed winner every week. A charming fella called Christian knocks on your door if you’re the winner! If you’re one of the 20 closest entries you will win £200 in Dream Car Credit and other amounts of Dream Car Credits can also be won too.

There are other competitions too, like the Lifestyle one for a chance to win a watch, tech bundle, holiday, etc. The Lifestyle comp was only launched this year and tickets start from as little at 15p. Tech bundles, holidays, cash or watches - take your pick here

Study the rules and the terms, watch the video of how to play & how it’s judged and it is all very fair and transparent. We have read the terms and FAQs thoroughly, looked at the judging videos and followed it week by week. In our opinion it’s very fair, very transparent and also very good fun.   

We have to admit that we do play frequently, sometimes every week but at least once per month and no more than around £3 each time. We have a tendency to play for SUVs and actually came within a whisker (ok, a pixel) of winning a Land Rover Discover Sport HSE, but instead won £200 of Dream Car Credit. Not bad and it kept us in the game for many months after that.

It’s worth a go, good value compared to buying a couple of lottery tickets and there’s fun to be had. You can click on the BOTB images or click here to find out more and have a go yourself. Good luck and do let us know if you’ve won, pop round and take us for a spin!