Better Ads, Better Prizes!




Posted on 25th October 2018 by Lon

Better Ads, Better Prizes!


Retargeting ads help us maintain the website and to give out prizes entirely free to our members. As part of the GDPR process and maintaining a compliant website we’ve had to implement some features to ensure that your privacy is respected. We value your privacy and as such have implemented a ‘Consent Management Platform’ which basically means you can choose to see retargeting ads or not when you visit the PrizeDeck website.

You can now set your consent preferences as to how your data is used based on specific purposes and do you can this for us independently from those of 3rd party partners.



Re-targeting ads display the most appropriate ads for you as an individual and therefore provide a better user experience. At the same time it helps us out because advertisers are more inclined to serve ads that have real value to you as a member and to not just serve generic ads that have little relevance to you or your lifestyle.

For example, if you have recently been viewing travel, hotel and holiday websites and then visit PrizeDeck, it’s likely you will see travel related ads. This is no bad thing, it’s more relevant to you and therefore makes for a much better experience when you visit.

As PrizeDeck is an ad funded website, getting advertisers to serve retargeting ads of real value means that we earn more in doing so. We don’t make a great deal from ads but every little helps when we’re giving away prizes for free!

You can automatically ‘Accept All’ of the preferences or you can choose your own preference settings. Serving better ads will enable us to offer bigger, better and more prizes and keep the website completely free to our members.



Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash