Seriously worth it - 'Look After My Bills'




Posted on 06th December 2018 by Lon

Seriously worth it - 'Look After My Bills'


'Look After My Bills'

People often claim they can save you money all the time. We believe these guys can actually walk the walk without you doing any of the work.

An Absolute Game Changer… 

There is nothing better than getting a great deal on something that would otherwise cost you the earth. This time of year, the biggest cost to any household is your energy bill and let’s face it, they are not getting any smaller!

Look After My Bills can take the stress away from not only paying high energy prices, but also searching for better ones. That endless slog of contacting companies, comparing prices and then never really knowing if you are getting a great deal. It’s so time consuming!


Those of you that watched the latest series of Dragons’ Den will have already heard of Look After My Bills. You will also know that in a very competitive market, the team behind this fantastic idea received investment from not one, but two Dragons.

That is some achievement on a show that rejects a lot more ideas than it accepts. You only have to look at their website and read the key bullet points to know how easy this service really is. They have tapped into the key things people fear when looking for a new energy supplier:

  • FREE service
  • Quick and easy sign up
  • Always on the best deal
  • No waiting until you are up for renewal
  • No yearly phones calls
  • Your time is precious. They are not going to consume it! 

The term ‘Game Changer’ came straight from the guys at ‘Money Magpie’ who if you didn’t realise, know a thing or two about saving money. Look After My Bills really is the first of its kind, offering a hassle-free service that supports one of the things us Brits moan about the most.

British Gas, EDF, Scottish Power, SSE and Bulb are just some of the big brand suppliers working with Look After My Bills to bring customers the best deals in the UK. If you are someone that places your trust in these suppliers, you can be confident that they have now placed their trust in Look After My Bills.

How do they provide this service for free?

Energy companies need to generate more customers in a very competitive market. For every customer Look After My Bills pass on to a supplier, they get a small commission. All costs for this excellent service are passed between the brands and Look After My Bills, keeping the cost to us consumers at zero!

After a very quick registration you could save at least £50 a year. You might believe that you're already on a great deal but in may cases there's an even better one. It will cost you less than 5 minutes of your time to sign up - you could be on hold for double that with your current supplier just to do a meter reading!

We're not ones for high praise, but this is a genuinely great product that truly is ‘A Game Changer’.

What are you waiting for?