Lucky for Some!



Posted on 18th December 2017 by Lon

Lucky for Some!


You can enter hundreds of prize draws, competitions or giveaways and not have a sniff of a win but for some of us, winning happens often.

Take Michael Mellish of West Yorkshire for example. He’s our first two-time winner here on PrizeDeck. He’s just won a £25 Gift Voucher to spend at Keep Calm-o-Matic which is a website that allows you to design, create and purchase your very own Keep Calm themed products. That’s in addition to the £50 Gift Card he won earlier in the year. Lucky fella.



Some winners can’t stop winning. Di Coke from Brighton is just one extreme winner who seems to win prizes every month. What’s her secret? Well, she’s got a whole blog ( devoted to competitions and comping which is a great reference point for those new to entering giveaways as well as those who’ve been entering comps for ages. Worth visiting her website for great tips and inspiration.

Di hasn't won on PrizeDeck's probably just a matter of time! 

Most of our winners are first time winners and we regularly hear ‘I can’t believe it, I never win anything!’ when we notify them. We’re trying to make more winners out of you, so sign up if you haven’t already, enter all our giveaways and share experience with your mates. You could be next you know!